Our mission is to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning and the abilities to think critically, live ethically, and appreciate the value of each individual.

Ethics in Action

The McGillis School Ethics-in-Action program helps children experience their role in the larger community. Students participate in service learning opportunities within the school community, the Douglas neighborhood, and beyond.

Service opportunities range from visiting senior citizens in the neighborhood, raking leaves, raising money to contribute to Habitat for Humanity, adopting an endangered species, working in a community garden, and volunteering at the Utah Food Bank.

Service is highly valued throughout The School.

Our teaching and our community are grounded in the fundamental values found in the Jewish culture and shared by all who seek to better the world. We celebrate Jewish traditions and holidays and bring the values they represent to life in the ways we educate our children, build our community, govern our school, and utilize our resources.