Our mission is to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning and the abilities to think critically, live ethically, and appreciate the value of each individual.

Michael VanTyne

Technology Director

At McGillis since 2015


Baylor University

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Michael is a self-taught Information Technologist.  He has spent a lot of his career in software development and has served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Utah, a position designed to push technology developed through NSF grants into the private sector.  Here at McGillis, Michael hopes to support teachers in developing new ways to more intentionally use technology in the classroom.  

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Michael loves calling Salt Lake City his home. He enjoys camping in his tiny trailer with his family, photography, and German cars.  He is interested in architecture and is currently up to his elbows in remodeling a 1946 bungalow.