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Science Fair Winners Announced!

For weeks now the Middle Schoolers have been working hard on Science Fair Projects. This past Friday all that work was showcased for parents, families, and friends. All the students did a fantastic job with their projects and presentations, but when it was all over, only two from each grade level were selected to move on to the District Science Fair on February 11th.

Congratulations to everyone for their effort and preparation and to the following students for being chosen to represent our school at the District Science Fair.

6th Grade:
Hardy Hawk:  Ezra, Zach, Vimmy, Rachel
Let's Talk Lures:  Iris, Cece, Maddie

7th Grade:
The H20 Harvest:  Mariah
How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce?:  Isaac

8th Grade:
Tough Bubble:  Jackson and Victor
The Perishing Pill:  Brooke and Lizzie

Thank you to everyone who came to check out the projects, and to the community members, both internal and external, who came to judge! And thanks again for supporting our students throughout this process!