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8th graders visited the Capitol Building this week

Building on their American History studies, the 8th grade visited Utah’s State Capitol building to see lawmakers at work in the last week of the 2017 Legislative Session. Representatives, Joel Briscoe and Patrice Arent, both of whom have personal connections and great affection for The McGillis School, visited with students, as did Senator Jim Dabakis.

Students also heard from ACLU attorney and lobbyist Marina Lowe and McGillis parent, board member, and lobbyist for Voices for Utah Children, Matthew Weinstein.

Both Lowe and Weinstein updated the students on bills that their organizations had lobbied for or against throughout the session. Students had formal tours led by the capitol’s docents through the 100-year old capitol building and sat in both the historic Supreme Court room and saw the House pass a Senate bill, which will now go to the Governor’s desk.