Walk through our doors, and step into the heart of McGillis...

As a small, grinning first-grader struggles to hold the door open for you, your first glimpse offers everything a school should be — light, warm, open, the bustle of kids, and parents surrounding the brewing coffee. A place where everyone, from teacher to student to parent, feels welcome.

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A place where everyone looks forward to coming each day. A place that feeds the soul and stimulates the mind and encourages stepping outside. Outside ourselves — to meet others where they are. Outside the classroom — to learn by experience. Outside traditions — to find and embrace new ones.

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McGillis Is Different

We are an independent school, founded on values that we see as universal to the world we aspire to live in, nurture, and restore.

Our values are our foundation but it’s what grows from the foundation that is most interesting. Students, relationships, mentoring, community.

Welcome to the start of a lifetime — at The McGillis School...

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  • “I do feel like what they get here is just how to be a good person in the world and what does that mean. And how do we take care of this planet, and how do we think about things in a way that includes other people and people who aren’t necessarily similar to us...”

    Suzanne, McGillis Parent

Growing Kids Who Care

We believe a child's education goes beyond simply teaching traditional academics. We incorporate these universal values into every part of our curriculum.


“The beauty of The McGillis School is that it was founded on its culture and not an academic program. Our program has evolved to complement the culture of our values and essential attributes. This design is unique to an independent school and truly sets us apart. From the moment you enter our school, you see, hear, and feel the essence of who we are!"

— Mary Kimball, Lower School Director