Through the admission process, the School seeks to learn about your child and how we can partner with you to best meet their needs. To that end, we strongly encourage parents to tour our school. To schedule a tour, please call our Front Office at 801-583-0094.



Complete the online application form and submit electronically to The McGillis School. There is a $40 fee to apply.

Apply Online


After the application is received, you will be emailed with instructions to sign up for an assessment day.


Give the teacher recommendation form to your child’s current teacher(s) to complete (see sidebar on right side). The form(s) are to be returned to The McGillis School directly by your child’s teacher/school.


Provide the School with a copy of your child’s most recent report card/progress report and the completed student response.

Admissions Process

Round 1 Application DeadlineFebruary 1, 2020.
  • Any applications received after 2/01/20 are in our second round of Kindergarten applicants.
  • Application fee:  $40 per applicant
Assessments: applicants will be emailed with instructions to sign up for an assessment for their child/ren for one of the following dates:
  • February 1, 2020 (9-11 AM)
  • February 8, 2020 (9-11 AM) 
Completed Admission Documentation Deadline:  February 15, 2020.  Application includes:  

Admission decisions for Kindergarten are communicated to families in mid-March.



We employ a rolling admissions model for grades 1-8. Applications for the upcoming school year are accepted any time after November 1, 2019; there is no priority application due date for grades 1-8.

Applications include:  

  • Grade 1: Students applying for first-grade visit with us for half a day. During this visit, your child participates fully in all classroom activities.
  • Grades 2-8: students apply for second-grade through eighth-grade visit with us for an entire school day. During this visit, the applicant will get to know more about McGillis, while the staff learns more about the child through an assessment, observations and conversations. 

Admission decisions for Grades 1-8 are communicated to families within two (2) weeks after the assessment. 


Admissions Information

The McGillis School Admissions Committee welcomes students who will thrive in a challenging, dynamic, experiential learning environment. Students who are able to work both cooperatively and independently do well at McGillis. The ethical development of our students is just as important to us as their academic development. All admissions decisions are thoughtfully made with information from parents, observation, assessment results, and teacher references.

Admission Assessment

Each applicant is assessed for academic and social preparation. Kindergarten applicants are assessed in a classroom setting; children work in small groups with teachers on activities such as letter and number recognition, reading and decoding readiness, colors, shapes, sequencing, rhyming, listening, and cooperative skills. For grades 1-8, the assessment includes a visit day at school, reading, writing, and number skills, along with a personal interview to get to know your child.

Admission Decisions

Admissions decisions are made by an admissions committee, and these decisions usually fall into three categories: (1) offering a placement; (2) invited to a place in the wait pool; and (3) no placement offered at this time. All families are invited to contact the admissions director to discuss the results of the admissions process.

When a space is offered, the family typically has two weeks to respond. Enrollment requires a completed contract agreement and a non-refundable deposit, which is applied toward tuition.

A family applying for financial aid does not pay a contract deposit until the Financial Aid Committee has completed its aid assessment. If financial aid is awarded, the recipient family pays a contract deposit within two weeks of their acceptance of the financial aid award.