Lower School

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Program

Our Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Program is designed to prepare children with fundamental skills that lead them to be successful students, mindful community members, and critical thinkers. We achieve this by partnering with families and tapping into students' natural curiosity.

Concrete skills are taught through engaging, interactive lessons guided by the McGillis twelve essential attributes. Fluency in basic math and literacy skills is attained through frequent opportunities for repetition and practice. Students are encouraged to collaborate with their peers to solve problems that are meaningful to them and to our community.

The McGillis School values taught in these formative years serve as pillars for social development. Within a nurturing and safe environment, students are encouraged to reach beyond their own thinking, view the larger community that surrounds them, and begin to understand their individual role in their world.

3rd - 5th Grade Program

Our 3rd through 5th Grade Program is designed to develop a sense of curiosity and creativity as students explore the joy of learning. As students move from the concrete to the abstract they increasingly develop critical thinking skills.

Learning is purposeful, dynamic, rich, and engaging. Through community experiences, students begin to understand how their actions impact the world around them as they develop a global vision. Peer relations become increasingly important as students learn the importance of effective communication.

McGillis students are given the opportunity to move beyond self in order to embrace the gifts and contributions of others and in building a community of learners. Students work to find their voice and to advocate for themselves and others as they build a sense of place and purpose. Students are encouraged to become independent and confident thinkers by persevering through challenges.

Curious Student Investigations (CSI) Brochure