Middle School

Learning in Middle School Extends Beyond the Core Academics

Middle School (grades 6 through 8) provides students with a multitude of opportunities to explore and practice academic excellence, ethics, and community. In preparing our students to be global citizens and critical thinkers, we strive to create learning opportunities that actively involve students in all aspects of exploration, sense making, and learning through multiple lenses, perspectives, and representations.

Learning in Middle School extends beyond the core academics to include character education, visual arts, performing arts, outdoor education, ethics, foreign language and cultures, and physical education to more actively engage the mind and body.

Middle School Information

High School Selection Information

The McGillis program is designed to prepare our young adolescents for their next step in their educational journey. Children change dramatically in the lower and middle school years, and a K-8 program provides the opening for our 13-14 year old students to attend a high school that ensures continued academic, athletic, emotional, ethical, and social growth. Attending a K-8 school like The McGillis School provides the opportunity to make the very best high school choice and we partner with families to find the best fit for each student. Our graduates attend a diverse list of independent, private, boarding, and public high schools. 

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