McGillis Endowment

An endowment gift is an investment in the future of The McGillis School. Endowment growth is an area of strategic importance for McGillis. McGillis endowment funds are invested in perpetuity and fund income provides resources used to meet current operating budget priorities.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An Endowment fund is a savings account for the School which is invested according to policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. A portion of the earnings is then spent each year to help cover the School's annual expenses, either for the general operating budget or for specific programs designated by the donor. 

Why is it Important?

An Endowment Fund provides a steady source of income to McGillis making it possible for the School to be less reliant on tuition and annual fundraising programs to balance the budget each year. A larger Endowment Fund enhances our ability to fulfill our mission now and for many years to come. 

Endowment Funds

The McGillis Community Scholarship Endowment Fund, established in 2017 by The Robert Norris Foundation, provides scholarships to students with demonstrated financial need. All members of the McGillis community are invited to donate to this fund, ensuring that scholarships exist for current and future generations of McGillis students. 

To give a gift or learn more about the McGillis Endowment please contact Jen Voros, Director of Institutional Advancement at 801-583-0094 x 154 or