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The McGillis School has always been committed to augmenting the classroom experience with hands-on learning off campus for our students. Outdoor and Environmental Education (OEE) excursions and field trips provide our students with opportunities to connect their learning to the real world - teaching them important problem-solving skills and to be stewards of our enviroment that will serve them well beyond their time at McGillis. 

In order to safely and reliably transport students off campus, both in the city and around the state, we rely on our fleet of aging buses. These buses were used when we purchased them in 2007, and after many years and many, many miles, they need to be replaced. The total age of our fleet is 63 years old!

The new buses...

Support our Program! Outdoor and Environmental Education, Field Trips, Athletics, Summer Program, and much, much more. 

Are Safer for Students and Teachers! The new buses feature dual-rear wheels, a steel reinforced roll cage, a dedicated area to stow gear, and Belt-in-Seat three-point harness seat belts.

Are a greener option! The new buses are more fuel efficient and have lower emissions than our existing buses.

Provide Opportunities for Increased Visibility in the Community! Increased visibility directly supports our Admissions, Marketing, and Advancement efforts.