August 24, 2018

Mini Musings - Back to School

As we begin a new school year, it feels a little bit like New Year’s Eve. We’re excited, and there is a palpable feeling of possibility. We make resolutions. We think about what we want to improve on, what we want to do more of, or less of, and we make goals and plans to achieve those goals.

The faculty and staff have largely been following their own personal interests for the past few months, and we have been truly excited to come back together as a group this past week - to talk about what we have done and read this summer and to start dreaming of the new year ahead. It’s a time of new beginnings, of coming back together, and of meeting the new people who are joining our community. It's a time of thinking how we can be better - as people, as a community, and as educators. It’s a time of building and of belonging.

Yesterday evening was the Back to School Picnic, a gathering of our community traditionally held on the Thursday before the first day of school. The feeling is the same. Children are clearly ecstatic to see their friends, families gather on blankets, teachers convene to meet their students. The air is full of the anticipation the new year to come.

The faculty and staff summer book was The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle. One of our greatest strengths here at The McGillis School is our community: the community of students, families, faculty, and staff. We value it highly, we create it intentionally, and we are aware that it’s a gift that we must continue to nurture thoughtfully. The Culture Code is an engaging read about the hows and whys of building community. We recommend it highly.

One way we can nurture our community is to communicate school news and ideas more frequently about our good work. To that end, this fall, this section of our website will have posts from varying McGillis authors, as well as lots of photos, and will be linked to the weekly eMinder.

So welcome back. Let’s build a great year together!

Joanie Packard, Communications Specialist