January 18, 2019

Mini Musings - Modern Parenting

by Mary Kimball, Lower School Director

As a Lower School Director, I frequently meet with parents and teachers to discuss how best to support students to guide them towards success whether it be academically, behaviorally, or social emotionally. These are thoughtful conversations focused on the needs of the individual student and the visit often leaves all of us with new considerations and actions to consider. More so than not, we leave these meetings with someone stating, “it takes a village.” While we may feel that statement is cliche, it is true, thankfully.   

I was tickled pink when we decided to read as a community Wendy Mogel’s books. I remember years ago when my children were young, reading about Wendy’s transformation that led her to write and publicly speak about the topic of parenting. Her personal story fascinated me as an educator and I quickly ran out to purchase Blessings of a Skinned Knee. I loved it and I thought every parent should read it. I bought a stack of them for my office and handed them out like candy at the end of parent meetings. Over the years, I referred to this book as guidance for my own parenting but have also continued to recommend it to parents. 

I hope that if you haven’t had a chance to read Mogel’s books, you will take the time to do so. They are worth the investment. I realize that since the publication of her books many other greats have been written. I recently read this article, “How to be a Modern Parent”, written by Perri Klass, M.D. and Lisa Damour. Not only does this article offer great advice, it is chock full of great resources. Enjoy! www.nytimes.com/guides/well/guide-to-modern-parenting 

Please know that as administrators and teachers we are here to support you, as parents. It is a beautiful journey to raise children and it truly takes a village. Our doors are always open for you!   

Also, enjoy as a family, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new picture book, It Takes a Village. It is absolutely beautiful.