November 21, 2019

16 Ways McGillis is Grateful

by Jim Brewer, Head of School

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us. This time marks as a reminder to be aware of all the things that we are grateful for. I am certain that you and your family will be considering all the blessings your life offers you, and I hope that being a member of the McGillis School community counts as one.

We are a school filled with people and programs that mold a culture we are fortunate to share. We are grateful for so much…

  • Teachers who know our students and care about them
  • Parents who are supportive and give to the School in numerous ways
  • Coffee and tea in our gathering space
  • A healthy and delicious lunch provided by an awesome kitchen crew
  • A beautiful facility to learn within
  • New buses that take us on numerous outside excursions each week
  • Staff who keep the building clean and beautiful
  • Alumni and their families who come back to visit the School
  • A dedicated Board of Trustees who volunteer many hours governing the School
  • Grandfriends who visit to read, volunteer, and learn from and with our students
  • A robust AfterSchool program with an amazing staff and options for enrichment classes
  • Teachers who are themselves inspired to learn for the sake of learning
  • Values that deepen our sense of identity and purpose
  • OEE and WOW which take our students to epic places in Utah
  • Students who are engaged and make us laugh and spark hope in us for a better future
  • A wonderful kehilah

This year’s annual report is a testament of nearly 30 years of gratitude from all McGillis families, past and present. The information, photos, and quotes inside paint a picture of a school that has matured into the School it is today, with 430 students, built on the hearts and passions of those who believed that a school can be more than a place to learn, but a place to find yourself, belong, and create a purpose.

It is the stories of the past and today that we are grateful to know and share that epitomize who we are and why we are here: to instill in our students a love of learning, to think critically, to live ethically, and to appreciate the value in us all. How grateful must we feel to be a part of a community that lives this mission.

Happy Thanksgiving!