May 09, 2020

Here’s What McGillis Teachers Want Our Students to Know When We’re Not Together…

McGillis teachers are amazed by all their students have accomplished through the last few weeks. Students have remained on task, positive, and dedicated to completing the year with success. We are so proud of you! We asked a few of our teachers to share special messages with their students to let them know how much we miss them and how important they are to the McGillis community.

  • “I miss you all so much! I miss your smiles, jokes, and watching your brains work and grow! Stay awesome, stay healthy, and keep smiling!” ~ Ben Anisman, 3rd Grade Teacher 
  • "Never shall you forget this strange and interesting time! Enjoy the moments of peace and quiet. Relish in the opportunity to spend more time with your intimate family and explore things together we just don't ordinarily have time for. Embrace the free time to be creative, read more books, spend more time in your backyards looking closely at the magical things nature offers. Lend a helping hand to your parents and siblings.  Never will we forget the incredible months we had together in the classroom. You are all doing so well in your new normal of remote learning and remember when we say, ‘Do the best that YOU can do.’ You are unique and special and there is no one else like YOU. Please know that we love and miss you so very much." ~ Suky Stewart, 3rd Grade Teacher 
  • “No feeling is final. Keep your gaze upward and your feet moving forward!” ~ Sarah White, 8th Grade Integrative Studies Science Teacher 
  • “You're going to be fine, even if this time is hard for you academically... you are experiencing and learning things now that you will carry with you for a lifetime. Trust that you will come out the other end of this with intelligence.” ~ Teresa Totorica, Athletics Director and Middle School Health Teacher 
  • “You are smarter than you think, braver than you feel, and stronger than you seem. I love you, I care about you. Keep on learning!” ~ Kira Wallace, 2nd Grade Teacher 
  • “Stay strong! I miss you and our silly fun handshake.” ~ Cynthia Hori, 6th Grade Integrative Studies Science Teacher 
  • “I care about you so much, miss you so much, and am so proud of you for being flexible and transitioning to online learning! You are amazing!” ~ Kelsey Hutten, Kindergarten Teaching Assistant 
  • “Seeing you and laughing with you over Zoom are highlights of my day!” ~ Emily Mallory, 8th Grade Integrative Studies History Teacher 
  • “I miss you all!  While these can be challenging times, they are ones of opportunity to gain new perspectives and appreciation... for many things. Embrace the positives and carry them throughout your lifetime.” ~ Laurie Humbert, Physical Education Teacher 
  • “I miss you so much! Please take some time to just play outside. See what's happening in your backyard. Slow down, lay on the grass, play hide n seek with your family. I will be waiting for you when you return to school, and we are going to do some fun things in drama class. Love you all!!” ~  Karen Nielsen-Anson, Drama Teacher 
  • “I miss you! I miss laughing with you on a daily basis. This is hard. We can do hard things. Take care of yourself. Reach out if you are struggling emotionally. Embrace the boredom. There is much to be gained from being bored. You are loved and thought of daily!” ~Amberly Miller, Middle School Academic Coach 
  • “I miss you terribly. I miss our time together. This is my favorite time of year with you. I am sorry that we can't be together. Gracias por aprender.” ~ Elicia Cárdenas, Middle School Spanish Teacher