Tu B'Shevat

(Too B-sheh-VAHT, translation: the fifteenth day of the month of Shevat)

Falling in mid winter, this festival day celebrates the bounty of trees and the plants that provide us with food, shelter, and the countless contributions these plants make to us all. This "birthday of the trees" is a traditional day to plant trees in Israel (a much warmer climate) and is a time to focus on caring for our environment.

McGillis Celebration

At McGillis, we have a deep connection with Tu B'Shevat because of the direct connection with our value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.

We make time for seders reflecting the seasons of the year. Special foods and drinks are enjoyed to learn about our connections with the earth. Our responsibility for the environment is central to our celebrations.

Students plant parsley seeds that will be used in the upcoming spring's Passover celebration.

Traditional Celebration

There is no traditional synagogue celebration for Tu B'Shevat, but the day is recognized during regular synagogue services. In recent years many synagogues have begun holding seder celebrations to celebrate Tu B'Shevat and focus on repairing the world.

Seder literally means "order." It references a meal that follows a specific order of reading and rituals and is not unique to one holiday, although it is best known at Passover time.