Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan focuses on the following strategic objectives:

  • Program Excellence: A curriculum of extraordinary quality delivered by outstanding faculty and designed to create individuals committed and able to repair the world
  • Resource Development: A fiscally healthy and responsible school
  • Marketing and Communications: An established school identity with a clearly articulated value proposition
  • Community and Culture: A diverse and inclusive community and culture

The Board of Trustees and the Strategic Planning Committee recognize that The McGillis School is functioning in a rapidly changing world. While we work on accomplishing the goals in this strategic plan, we are committed to continued and ongoing assessment of future challenges and needs. We will remain flexible in order to seize strategic development and growth opportunities as they arise. In evaluating future opportunities, the following questions must be considered:

  • Is it consistent with The McGillis School’s mission and values?
  • Does it benefit the students?
  • Does The School have the resources to manage the initiative?
  • Does it build or reinforce The School’s competitive advantage or enhance The School’s reputation/identity?
  • Will it likely yield a result that is sustainable?
  • Will it create a positive connection to a community beyond The School?

The Strategic Plan is the culmination of extensive efforts by Board members, staff, faculty, parents, and other community members who devoted time, energy, insight, and creativity to this endeavor. The ambitions put forth excite our imaginations and deepen our commitment to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning, the abilities to think critically and live ethically, and to appreciate the value of each individual.