Who We Are

The McGillis School: Inspiring and Preparing Our Community for a Lifetime of Creating a Better World

  • Our purpose is to create individuals committed and able to repair the world. This universal purpose, Tikun Olam, is one we share with all who seek to better our world and the lives of all people.
  • Our mission is to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning and the abilities to think critically, live ethically, and appreciate the value of each individual.
  • Our teaching and our community are grounded in the fundamental values found in the Jewish culture and shared by all who seek to better the world. We celebrate Jewish traditions and holidays and bring the values they represent to life in the ways we educate our children, build our community, govern our school, and utilize our resources.


We cultivate a community that is diverse, dynamic, and multifaceted. It includes students and faculty, our McGillis families and partners, and all who we impact. Our community is tended, cultivated, and constructed. We will always remain rooted in Jewish values and traditions, and yet, we are continually open to change that builds on our solid academic and ethical foundation. We believe that a diverse and inclusive community is essential to a rich educational experience that prepares our students to interact in an increasingly interconnected world.


We prepare our community of students to create a better world with a robust academic program grounded in values drawn from the Jewish tradition. A McGillis education shapes a community that is intellectually curious, educated, eager to explore the world, and well-practiced in doing so using a solid ethical framework. Our students understand and live these attributes, and leave McGillis prepared to serve as examples to others, effecting positive change in the world.


Our values compel our community to create the world we seek to live in. Our academic program prepares our students to accomplish that end. Whether repairing the world (Tikun Olam), generating new knowledge or artifacts, or creating organizations committed to promoting equality and justice, our students welcome the challenge and privilege of bettering the world and the lives of all people.


  • Learning for the Sake of Learning
    Learning for the Sake of Learning

    Limud L'shma

    Curiosity, experimentation, critical thinking, dialogue, and debate are the foundation of our vigorous, secular academic curriculum.

  • Acts of Doing Good & Kind Deeds
    Acts of Doing Good & Kind Deeds

    Gemilut Hasadim

    We are a diverse community, brought together by a commitment to raise and teach ethical, caring, and inquisitive children. By doing good and kind deeds we strengthen our bonds across our many traditions and differences.

  • Acts of Giving Freely to Others
    Acts of Giving Freely to Others


    Our children learn that giving is part of living, and that Tzedakah is core to ethical, active citizenship.

  • Respect for All People and Beliefs
    Respect for All People and Beliefs

    Derech Eretz

    Our desire to truly know and respect each other extends to our educational focus on the whole child, our curriculum's strength in ethics, world cultures and religions, and self expression through the arts.

  • Repairing the World
    Repairing the World

    Tikun Olam

    Our children explore the complex issues facing our neighborhood and the world beyond, and develop and undertake acts of service individually and as a community. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is premised on this value.

  • Our Community
    Our Community


    We value and nurture a strong and vital institution that informs, includes, and involves all members in our shared commitment to our purpose, mission, and values.


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Diversity and Inclusion Statement


The McGillis School is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive community. The McGillis School embraces diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, belief, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, learning and physical abilities, and more. Our curriculum and teaching integrate divergent perspectives and educate about our complex, ever-changing world. We value and nurture a strong and vital institution that informs, includes, and involves all members in our shared commitment to our vision, purpose, mission, and values. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining diverse students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees.


The McGillis School believes that a diverse and inclusive community is an essential element of a rich educational experience. In line with our mission and fundamental values, we encourage our community to:

  • foster diversity of thought and an open exchange of ideas
  • allow students to meaningfully encounter difference in order to grow personally and develop foundational building blocks for success
  • nurture moral and intellectual growth
  • foster a sense of place and purpose
  • prepare our students to effectively participate in a dynamic and increasingly interconnected world


The McGillis School is committed to nurturing respect for diversity through its policies, curriculum, and programs. We are responsible for advancing an understanding of, and respect for, diversity through opportunities that raise social awareness and sensitivity to the issues of diversity. We teach tolerance, kindness, and respect.  We recruit, retain, and support students, faculty, staff, and trustees with diverse backgrounds.